Directory of all Issuers and securities that are listed and traded on the Exchange. The directory includes ordinary, preference, secondary, corporate and government debt securities.

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SymbolIssuer NameSectorsSecurity Type
FBBFidelity Bank (Bahamas) LimitedBankingEquity-Ordinary Shares
BBLBenchmark (Bahamas) LimitedInvestment CompanyEquity-Ordinary Shares
BPFBahamas Property Fund LimitedProperty ManagementOrdinary Shares
BWLBahamas Waste LimitedWaste CollectionEquity-Ordinary Shares
CABCable Bahamas LimitedTelecommunicationsEquity-Ordinary Shares
CBLCommonwealth Bank LimitedBankingEquity-Ordinary Shares
CIBFirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) LimitedBankingEquity-Ordinary Shares
DHSDoctors Hospital Health System LimitedHealthcare ProviderEquity-Ordinary Shares
FAMFAMGUARD Corporation LimitedInsuranceEquity-Ordinary Shares
FCLFOCOL Holdings LimitedIndustrialEquity-Ordinary Shares
FINFinance Corporation of the BahamasBankingEquity-Ordinary Shares
CHLColina Holdings Bahamas LimitedInsuranceEquity-Ordinary Shares
JSJJS Johnson and Company LimitedInsuranceEquity-Ordinary Shares
BOBBank of The Bahamas InternationalBankingOrdinary
CWCBConsolidated Water Co. Ltd.IndustrialBahamas Depository Receipt
AMLAML Foods LimitedConsumer GoodsEquity-Ordinary Shares
FCLBFreeport Oil Holdings Company Limited Class B Preference SharesIndustrialPreference Shares
FBB22Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2022Banking - DebtSecondary Issue - Medium Term Notes
BAH29Bahamas Note 6.95 (2029)Bahamas Government StockSovereign Debt
CBBCommonwealth Brewery LimitedConsumer GoodsEquity-Ordinary Shares
FBBAFidelity Bank Class A Preference SharesBankingPreference Shares
APDAPD LimitedIndustrialEquity-Ordinary Shares
CHLAColina Holdings Bahamas Limited Class A Preference SharesInsurancePreference Shares
CAB6Cable Bahamas Limited Series 6 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CAB8Cable Bahamas Limited Series 8 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CBLECommonwealth Bank Class E Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
BG0103BGS Tranche One 3 Year Note (2017) Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0105BGS Tranche One 5 Year Note (2019)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0107BGS Tranche One 7 Year Note (2021)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0130BGS Tranche One 30 Year Note (2044)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0203BGS Tranche Two 3 Year Note (2018)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0205BGS Tranche Two 5 Year Note (2020)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0207BGS Tranche Two 7 Year Note (2022)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0230BGS Tranche Two 30 Year Note (2045)Bahamas Government StockDebt
CAB9Cable Bahamas Limited Series 9 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CAB10Cable Bahamas Limited Series 10 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
BG0303BGS Tranche Three 3 Year Note (2018)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0305BGS Tranche Three 5 Year Note (2020)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0307BGS Tranche Three 7 Year Note (2022)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0330BGS Tranche Three 30 Year Note (2045)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0403BGS Tranche Four 3 Year Note (2018)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0405BGS Tranche Four 5 Year Note (2020)Bahamas Government StockDebt
BG0407BGS Tranche Four 7 Year Note (2022)Bahamas Government StockDebt
EMABEmera IncorporatedUtilitiesBahamas Depository Receipt
BFHBahamas First Holdings LimitedInsuranceEquity-Ordinary Shares
BFHP Bahamas First Holdings Limited Preference SharesInsurancePreference Shares
BFHB Bahamas First Holdings Limited BondsInsuranceSecondary Issue - Medium Term Notes