1. What information is collected?

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange Limited (BISX) receives information from visitors to its site when submitted directly through the optional Enquiry Form. This information includes names, email addresses, contact information and other information supplied by the visitor. Through the use of this Enquiry Form, the visitor actively and knowingly provides feedback, comments or asks questions about BISX, its products and/or its services.

2. What is the information used for?

All information collected by BISX is do so with the full knowledge and approval of the visitor. Any information collected by BISX is used to respond to a visitor’s particular needs or interests and is focused on improving our web site for future visitors. Information collected may be used by BISX for statistical purposes, market research or direct marketing purposes. Whenever, BISX requests that information be supplied by a visitor to our site, the visitor will have an opportunity to select an “opt-out” check box so that their information will not be used for any additional purposes.

3. Are cookies used by your site?

Yes, when a visitor enters our site their computer will be issued a cookie. A cookie simply identifies your computer to our server and allows the site to recognize your computer during future visits. These cookies will not provide BISX with any personal information about a visitor, and consequently, visitors to our site may still surf our site anonymously.

4. Will my IP address be recorded?

Visitors to our site will be connected via the internet and therefore, will have an IP address. This IP address will automatically be recorded by our server and will be used to determine the number of visitors to the different parts of our site. If there is a security breach on our site, the identified offending IP address will be used by BISX and the Internet Service Provider, which may result in the visitor being contacted.

5. What is the scope of this policy?

This policy is limited to and covers the website of The Bahamas International Securities Exchange Limited at www.bisxbahamas.com. Any link beyond this website are not referred to or covered by the scope of this policy.

6. Who should be contacted regarding this Privacy Policy?

Questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the Legal and Compliance Department of BISX at info@bisxbahamas.com.