The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) spent the morning of Thursday, October 8, 2009 at Queen’s College speaking with Grade 12 Economics and Commerce students about stocks, investing and the local stock exchange. The visit allowed senior Exchange officials the opportunity to interact with young Bahamians in a small discussion setting that also allowed students the opportunity to ask questions directly to Exchange officials.

BISX Chief Executive, Keith Davies commented on the visit: “I thoroughly enjoy speaking to students of all ages. From BISX’s standpoint we believe that educating current and future investors is a fundamental and essential role of our Exchange. Our visit to Queen’s College was rewarding in so many ways, and it gives us a chance to hear, first hand, the questions and concerns that students have regarding stocks and the stock market. I was very impressed by the insight that they showed in the questions that they asked, and to be quite honest, we ran out of time because we were talking so much.
I would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to Mrs. Jennifer Clarke from Queen’s College who invited us to speak, as well as to the entire Grade 12 Economics and Commerce class who were eager participants in our discussion.”

Speaking further, Mr. Davies noted: “Over the last 2 years we have had an opportunity to speak to a number of different age groups at several different schools. I always find it gratifying when a teacher contacts us requesting the opportunity to have us speak to their students, as this is a clear indication of an interested teacher. I was especially gratified by the number of students who were considering a career in some aspect of business. These students seemed especially focused on understanding the operations of the stock exchange, and I look forward to reading about the accomplishments of all of these students in the future.”

Mrs. Clarke speaking about the visit by BISX noted: “I would like to thank Mr. Keith Davies and Mr. Holland Grant of BISX for their very informative, timely and impressive presentation on “The Importance of the Stock Exchange and the Role of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange.”
Not only will the presentation enhance the Grade 12 Commerce and Economics students’ knowledge of the subject matter for the BGCSE, but it will also benefit them as they embark on their tertiary level education as well as their career paths. They are now better prepared to understand the true meaning and importance of investment portfolios and the relevance of investment to their future success. They are now able to analyze and interpret stock reports and will be able to make wiser decisions, as they plan their future and maximize their resources early in life, when it is most important.”

Mr. Davies went on to explain that BISX welcomed any opportunity to speak to students who were preparing for the BGCSE Exams, as well as those students who were moving towards graduation and on into the work force. Completing his remarks Mr. Davies stated, “This is our 10 year anniversary as an Exchange in The Bahamas, and we are committed to doing our part to focus our energy on investor education, especially for young people. The time and energy we put into educating students like those at Queen’s College and other institutions will create a whole new group of informed future investors who will seek to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the Bahamian Capital Markets.”

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