FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION – Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce that the Emerging Energy Services Fund Ltd has successfully completed the BISX Mutual Fund Listing Process. As a result, this fund has now been added to the roster of funds listed on the Exchange. Emerging Energy Services Fund Ltd is an open-ended investment fund.

Emerging Energy Services Fund Ltd is incorporated as an International Business Company under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is licensed as a Smart Fund Model 002 under the Investment Funds Act.

BISX Chief Executive Officer; Keith Davies commented on the listing of the Mutual Fund. “Winterbotham continues to bring new funds to the Exchange for their clients, and we are pleased that our mutual fund listing facility is a service that assists them with their business development activities. We are also encouraged by the growth of our facility, at December 31, 2013, our assets under management for all funds listed on the Exchange stood at approximately $550 million. At December 31, 2014, the assets under management for our listed mutual funds stood at $2.2. billion. This marks the first time that our fund’s assets under management has gone over the billion dollar amount.”

In speaking of the Listing, Ivan Hopper, Chief Executive Officer of The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited stated: “We are pleased to have sponsored the listing of Emerging Energy Services Fund, a fund which targets investments in energy services companies with particular focus in Latin-America. We are certain of further fund listings in the next couple of months; our Company is the largest fund Administrator by number of funds in The Bahamas, and we continue to see growth in our Fund Services division and will continue sponsoring funds to list on the Exchange as this is a key enhancer to our offering and our ability to attract funds to The Bahamas¨

The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought this Fund to the Exchange. The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited has been appointed as the Administrator for the fund. Emerging Energy Management Ltd. acts in the capacity of Investment Manager.

NOTE: Attached to this Press Release is the BISX Formal Trading Notice for Emerging Energy Services Fund Ltd. This notice advises the public of the security to be listed on the Exchange and the trading symbol of the listed security.

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