Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange announced today that Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited (“CHBL”) has successfully completed the listing process for its Class A Preference Shares (the “Class A Shares”) which are now listed on the Exchange under the symbol CHLA. The Shares have been added to the roster of securities listed on the Exchange and will trade through the BISX Automated Trading System (BATS).

CHBL’s Executive Vice Chairman, Emanuel M. Alexiou, said, “The successful placement of these securities on BISX will afford CHBL an opportunity to develop relationships with new investors and continue to grow our liquidity over time.”

BISX is able to list the secondary issues of BISX listed companies with the Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited Class A Preference Shares becoming the seventh security to take advantage of this listing facility. Eligible secondary Issues include any security issued by a public company that is already listed on the Exchange. Included in the secondary listing category are corporate bonds, warrants and preference shares. The Class A Shares will trade over the Exchange abiding by the same trading rules as any other listed security.

Speaking about the CHLA listing, Keith Davies, the BISX Chief Executive Officer stated: “Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited has had a long history with the Exchange, and we are happy to list this secondary issue from them. CHBL has been listed on BISX since the Exchange began trading in May 2000.”

Speaking further, Mr. Davies noted: “By listing these Preference shares on the Exchange, CHBL is allowing its preference shareholders increased liquidity through being listed on the nation’s only stock exchange. The shares are available to a much wider base of investors than if the shares were traded in the over-the-counter market. In addition, investors benefit from having a centralized meeting place for buyers and sellers which allows an investor in the Class A Shares to see all buy and sell orders in this security as these are posted to the BISX website daily.”

NOTE: Attached to this message is the BISX Formal Trading Notice for the Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited Class A Preference Shares. This notice advises the public of the security to be listed on the Exchange and the trading symbol of the listed security.

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