Mr. Holland Grant, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BISX, was invited to speak to students of a Business Math Class at the Bahamas Baptist Community College (BBCC) on Monday, November 6, 2017.  Commenting on the opportunity, Mr. Grant noted, “It is always a pleasure to share knowledge to the future generations on investing and how the stock market works. In fact, it is important that we teach young people about investments so that they can be more motivated to invest.  The information that I shared is intended to be foundational and to form a basis for the students to build upon. I hope that discussions such as these help the country to transform into an investing society.”

Mr. Holland Grant and Mr. Davis with the students of BBCC


One of the students from BBCC, Antonia Moss noted: “The lecture from Mr. Grant has made me more knowledgeable about the stock exchange business. He made us aware of the various functions performed by the Exchange and the companies traded over BISX. In addition, he also mentioned to us briefly about stocks and bonds and how they are utilized by businesses along with their benefits. Mr. Grant has opened my eyes to reality in reference to regulations such as Exchange Controls. This showed me that we should invest more in our own people rather than allowing others to dictate to us. Therefore, it proves to us that we should have a more goal oriented mindset to improve ourselves in the business world”.

Another student, Ms. Kendra Carey, explained that “Mr. Grant lecturer on BISX was well organized and presented to our Business Math class. He has made what I thought to be a difficult topic very understandable. Clearly he enjoys the topic and has lots of information on it. The presentation was great and he paid attention to the students, and as such not just lecturing, but actually engaging the class. It was a great introduction to the Bahamas International Securities Exchange. Finally I am able to make sense of the BISX Market Report that I see in newspaper. He had also included examples for other regional stock markets, like the Jamaica Stock exchange and its Junior Markets. I have learned so much and Mr. Grant communicated the subject matter very clearly. Out of all my courses this has been the one surely peaked my interest. Thank you for the knowledge you have bestowed with us today”.

From left to right, Mr. Colin Davies and Mr. Holland Grant


Mr. Colin Davis, the lecturer from BBCC, expressed his gratitude by saying ” We in the Business Division at Bahamas Baptist Community College always try to merge academic theory with the business environment. BISX through Mr. Grant continues to assist us in this regard with his guest lectures at our institution. These discussions open up the student to the operations of the local stock exchange and bring a new, fresh and creative angle to what would have only been read in a text book or on-line. Because of the vast knowledge Mr. Grant brings to the subject area, our students show vast improvement after his lectures, not only on BISX, but also in the general business environment. We thank BISX in general and Mr. Grant in particular, for their continuing relationship with our institution.”