The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce the listing of the following funds:

1.Lewisham Investment Fund Ltd, (Lewisham),

2.3Ps Investment Fund IC Commons Quotas (“The 3Ps Common Quotas”),

3.3Ps Investment Fund IC Preferred Quotas (“The 3Ps Preferred Quotas”), and

4.Delmonte Fund Limited SAC (Delmonte)

These funds have all successfully completed the BISX Listing Process. As a result, these securities have now been added to the roster of funds listed on the Exchange. Lewisham, 3Ps Common Quotas and 3Ps Preferred Quotas and Delmonte are all open-ended investment funds.

Lewisham and Delmonte are incorporated as International Business Companies under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Lewisham is registered as a Smart Fund Model SFM007 and Delmonte is registered as a Professional Investment Fund. The 3Ps Common Quotas and 3Ps Preferred Quotas are sub-funds of the 3Ps Investment Fund IC, this is the second Investment Condominium (ICON) to be listed on BISX pursuant to the Investment Condominium Act, 2014

BISX Chief Executive Officer, Keith Davies commented on the listing of the Mutual Funds, “We continue to be pleased with the traction being experienced by our Mutual Fund Listing Facility, with total assets under management of funds listed on the Exchange passing $2.3 Billion at December 31, 2016. We are also pleased that 3Ps Investment Fund IC becomes the second ICON to be listed on the exchange. We intend to continue to enhance the market with our commitment to development through innovation.”

Credit Suisse AG, Nassau Branch – Wealth Management served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought these Funds to the Exchange.

NOTE: Attached to this Press Release is the BISX Formal Trading Notice for Delmonte, 3Ps Common Quotas, 3Ps Preferred Quotas and Lewisham these notices advises the public of the securities to be listed on the Exchange and the trading symbol of the listed securities.

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