The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce its end of quarter BISX All Share Index and trading statistics for the period January – March 2008 with comparison to the same period 2007.

BISX All Share Index

For the quarter ending March 31, 2008 the BISX All Share Index closed down 103.35 points or 5%. By comparison for the quarter ending 30 March, 2007 the BISX All Share Index closed up 105.04 points or 6.02% for the quarter closing at 1,781.23.

The BISX All Share Index is a market capitalization weighted index comprised of all primary listings actively traded on the Exchange. As at 31 March 2008 the market was comprised of 19 listings with a market capitalization of B$3.78 billion.

Trading Volumes and Values

Trading volume for the quarter for all issuers listed on BISX was1,196,953 shares which totaled a trade value of $7,565,752.45. This represents an increase in traded volume of 434,202 shares or 57% when compared to Q1 2007’s total volume of 761,953, the value of shares traded on BISX decreased by $1,684,802 or 18.21% when compared to Q1 2007 where the trade value was $9,250,554.

The top five share volume leaders on BISX for the first quarter of 2008 were:

CBL 466,554 (39.0%)

DHS 258,338 (21.6%)

FCL 122,589 (10.25%)

AML 73,510 (6.15%)

CIB 60,678 (5.07%)

The top five share value leaders on BISX for the first quarter of 2008 were:

CBL $3,513,947.60 (46.45%)

CIB $841,574.72 (11.12%)

FCL $633,615.50 (8.37%)

DHS $628,229.95 (8.30%)

CAB $545,425.15 (7.21%)