BISX Executives with COB School of Law Students

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) spent the Morning of Wednesday 26th October 2016 with students from the Corporate Governance class of The College of The Bahamas’s (COB) LL.B. Programme. Speaking to the students was BISX Chief Executive Officer, Keith Davies and Chief Operating Officer, Holland Grant. This small and relaxed session with a small grouping allowed students to ask questions directly to senior Exchange Officials.

BISX Chief Executive, Keith Davies commented on the visit: “Firstly I would like to thank Ms. Lisa Benjamin for having contacted BISX to arrange the session, as a former COB student, I know that I owe so much of what I have been able to accomplish to the hard work of my lecturers.As a lawyer, I’m also always enthused for an opportunity to meet with the next generation of legal professionals.”

During the speaking session, the BISX executives spoke about the Exchange as well as giving information regarding securities law, the listing of securities on the Exchange and the trading of securities once listed.Mr. Davies also took time to speak about the regulation of companies by the Exchange. He noted “These young lawyers in training will be the generation that writes the next iteration of the BISX Rules and the Securities Industry Act, so its important to ensure that they are familiar with what went into previous versions of these documents.”

Lisa Benjamin commented, “I was so impressed with the time spent by the Executive Officers at BISX with my students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did I. To have students learn about the Exchange directly from the operators of it was invaluable. Students were able to hear about the direct application of corporate governance principles, including the role of directors’ duties, to the operation of the Exchange from both Mr. Davies and Mr. Grant. This application of theoretical principles to real world scenarios brings alive the issues we discuss in class. “

Student of Corporate Governance, Gabriel Brown, noted, “I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to The Bahamas International Securities Exchange. The session was truly an engaging, interactive and highly informative one. Mr. Keith Davies and Mr. Holland Grant, along with their staff, warmly welcomed us into their office and sought to educate us in regard to the “ins and outs” of their business. We were informed about the history of the Exchange up to the current day to day running, and even about possible future enterprises. I can say that I acquired a vast amount of information in such a short session and would advise others to take the time out to learn more about our very own Bahamian International Securities Exchange.”

Speaking about the session BISX Chief Operating Officer, Holland Grant noted: “It was a pleasure speaking to the students from the COB LL.B. Programme. BISX has a long history with the College, both Keith and I are former students, and I donate time to the College as a part time lecturer, and Keith is a frequent speaker to my class. We see this donation of time as one of the best ways to invest in those persons that will become our future employees, future investors and future business partners.”

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