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FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION 13 MAY 2019Rule Proposals 13 May 2019 v2.0



The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce an improvement to the BISX Website with the addition of a new section dedicated to Proposed Rule and Fee Amendments.  The new section is located under the Market Regulation menu item on the BISX Website and provides a location where BISX can introduce and publish proposed amendments to Rules and Fee Schedules.

With the addition of this new section, BISX is also publishing several proposed rule amendments for public review and consultation for a period of 30 days.  After this time, the rules including any amendments based on the public feedback will be provided to the Securities Commission of The Bahamas for review and final approval.

Speaking of the rule and fee amendment publications, BISX CEO Keith Davies noted: “We wanted to post these items for review and consideration by all stakeholders in our market, and give them an opportunity to comment on the proposed rule and fee amendments.  This type of interaction is invaluable to BISX as it allows us to receive direct communications from interested persons.  The aim going forward is to be more aggressive with amending our rules to ensure that we adhere and respond to changing market conditions and keep pace with regulatory best practices.  It is our intention to use our website to ensure that Issuers, Brokers, investors and the general public are completely involved in this process.  I look forward to the feedback that we will receive from the Bahamian capital markets.”

The proposed rule changes were focused on the following sections:

  • Section 4: Trading Rules,
  • Section 6: Listing Rules,
  • Section 7: Issuers Continuing Obligations, and
  • The BISX Fee Schedule.

The proposed rule and fee amendments can be found at:

Comments can be emailed to:


For Additional Information Contact:

Elude Michel-Sturrup, BISX

Tel: 242-323-2330

Fax: 242-323-2320