Directory of securities issued by Listed Issuers as secondary offerings that are listed and traded on the Exchange. The directory includes preference shares and corporate debt securities.

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SymbolIssuer NameSectorsSecurity Type
FCLBFreeport Oil Holdings Company Limited Class B Preference SharesIndustrialPreference Shares
FBB15Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2015Banking - DebtSecondary Issue - Medium Term Notes
FBB17Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2017Banking - DebtSecondary Issue - Medium Term Notes
FBB22Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2022Banking - DebtSecondary Issue - Medium Term Notes
FBBAFidelity Bank Class A Preference SharesBankingPreference Shares
CHLAColina Holdings Bahamas Limited Class A Preference SharesInsurancePreference Shares
FBB18Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2018Banking - Debt
CAB6Cable Bahamas Limited Series 6 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CAB8Cable Bahamas Limited Series 8 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CBLECommonwealth Bank Class E Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CBLJCommonwealth Bank Class J Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CBLKCommonwealth Bank Class K Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CBLLCommonwealth Bank Class L Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CBLMCommonwealth Bank Class M Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CBLNCommonwealth Bank Class N Preference ShareBankingPreference Shares
CAB9Cable Bahamas Limited Series 9 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares
CAB10Cable Bahamas Limited Series 10 Preference SharesTelecommunicationsPreference Shares